cLynx.print – Eyes like a lynx

Press Release April, 18th 2017

cLynx.print – Eyes like a lynx
Saueressig GmbH develops innovative monitoring software

With cLynx.print, Saueressig GmbH has made a real breakthrough in digital print image inspection. The intelligent monitoring software calculates potential surface and production defects on the cylinder. Due to an extremely fine analysis cLynx.print differentiates precisely between material defects, soilings and actual production defects. Only these are displayed at the end of the process. Stephan Lammer, Global Director Packaging at Saueressig GmbH, explains: “This in-house development enables us to optimize our production processes and to meet the high-quality requirements even better.”
The workflow is as complex as it is ingenious: cLynx.print performs a digital comparison between repro and print result. Potential deviations from the original are displayed immediately in the program and evaluated by trained personnel. If a suspected error is confirmed, a check is performed directly on the cylinder, and newly produced, if needed. The new type of inspection means that sending and check of proofings will no longer be necessary in future. This significantly simplifies incoming controls at the customer’s site. Therefore cLynx.print is a measure for continuous optimization: “Another special feature is that this print image inspection system was specially developed to detect rotogravure cylinders for the smallest of defects”, says Lammers. “cLynx.print uncovers 99.9% of all mistakes. This makes us a pioneer in the international marketplace and creates a new quality guarantee.”
The software was originally developed for security printing. The internal use has been extended to the area of consumer goods packaging and promises further potentials. “However cLynx.print can also be used for error analysis on every other cylinder or similar print template. In the future we will be working on implementing this in other sectors in consultation with our customers.” SAUERESSIG GmbH filed a patent application for cLynx.print.

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BIOGRAPHY – Innovation with Tools by SAUERESSIG

The development of new vaccines is expensive and lengthy. So far, biosensors for monitoring the cell development in a cost-efficient and reliable way did not exist.

As part of the interdisciplinary research project BIOGRAPHY, the companies SAUERESSIG, Haydale, cellasys and AiCuris as well as Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering are working on a method to print graphene color and proteins on a substrate in order to provide the breeding ground and measuring device for the cells. One advantage of the new biosensors is the possibility of online monitoring within the protected environment of the incubator. Measurements at different times can be made without damaging the cells.

The BIOGRAPHY biosensors can be used in cell biology, virology or biosensorics. Saueressig is providing decisive input for the development of the printing processes and the structuring of the printing tools.

Thanks to SAUERESSIGS’s directly engraved rotogravure printing rollers and a printing machine that was developed specifically for this purpose, electrically conductive and biocompatible graphenes could be printed on first substrates. FREE-1 is a printing machine by SAUERESSIG that was originally developed for rotogravure and flexo printing. It compromises a gravure and flexo printing mechanism as well as a drying unit. SAUERESSIG perfected the system; so complete sensors can be printed on the plant in future.

The corresponding gravure rollers are structured using picosecond lasers. That way, cells of sufficient sizes for the proteins can be obtained.

In printing the proteins, SAUERESSIG is drawing on the experiences of the BIOREEL research project. As part of this research project, the optimum microstructure for protein-printing and the most suitable substrate were researched.

“We are pleased with the current progress in all areas and are proud that the graphene color can already be printed in rotogravure printing.”, says Renate Warmers, head of the project BIOGRAPHY at SAUERESSIG.

Grinding Expertise in All Dimensions

Since August SAUERESSIG offers even more grinding expertise in the machining of rollers and rotationally symmetrical parts.

The entire grinding team in Vreden successfully completed a grinding seminar at a renowned educational institution. The seminar aimed at optimizing grinding results with regard to concentricity and surface quality.

All employees were able to contribute their know-how and were informed about the latest developments. Following the theoretical part, the new skills were applied in practice.

Thanks to the exchange with each other and with the external grinding experts, new ideas were developed and processes improved. Alwin Göring, Global Manager Cylinders at Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG, is very pleased with the results. “With the know-how  that we gained we can further improve our rollers, especially when it comes to surface quality. Our team is well-prepared for new challenges.”

At SAUERESSIG, a modern Gioria grinder is used for the production of specialty rollers of all kinds. With three high precision grinding units carbides, chrome and also ceramic layers can be grinded with very high surface quality. Diameters of 900 mm and lengths of 7.000 mm can be grinded and polished – always in highest precision.

Trouble-free package

As long as consumer goods are not able to jump off the store shelves by themselves into the shopping carts of potential purchasers, they must be able to stand out on the shelf. This is achieved with a sophisticated and attractive design as well as perfectly implemented packaging. SAUERESSIG believes this means a harmonious overall concept.


Because the taste of a product can be heaven on Earth for consumers, if it is not purchased (and not tried), it remains a product secret in the true sense, and due to the pressure in the market, it will be quickly pushed aside to make room for new creations. Many brand-owners and producers in the private label area are being faced with increasingly large challenges in their day-to-day handling of packaging. Every package development, from the moment of the idea until its implementation, involves myriad tasks and data that are connected with a great deal of work. Once a design has been created, it must then be technically implemented. Who will do the printing? Who will take care of the secondary packaging (which should not be under estimated due to the increasingly insistent demands for shelf-ready packaging (SRP))? Does producer A communicate with producer B in order to generate the same colour result? And then there is the global market: will my product colour look the same worldwide, with various suppliers and materials?

Increased returns from the individual product


With regard to all the needs of a producer, brand-owners and private label producers often rely on themselves as the central point, and they often get buried below a mountain of questions and remarks instead of being able to concentrate on what is essential: their product.

For this reason, the internationally represented company SAUERESSIG, which is a division of the Matthews International Corporation, an internationally successful full service provider in the pre-press area, has installed the Brand Center. As already understood from the name, this area focuses exclusively on the special needs of brand-owners and private label producers – from design to printing; covering all needs that arise. The main parameters are well known, from the everyday implementation of thousands of packages, clear processes and minimum interfaces lead to a relaxed and coordinated experience for customers. Lean management is also part of the process, not only increasing the speed of getting products on the shelf, but also achieving higher returns from individual products for customers due to its lean processes.

With the extensive know-how of its 1,300 employees and comprehensive portfolio, SAUERESSIG is able to offer all production steps – from the creation of the design to the fabrication of printing and embossing tools together with expert knowledge in the area of packaging finishing, all from a single source. Support can also be provided during the printing process. The concept is modular so that customers can select individual products and services, or chose to be supported through the entire chain of production. The keywords are design, artwork, reproduction, colour management and the creation of printing and embossing tools. Everything can be displayed in a clear and orderly manner on a web portal on request.

In order to always provide the same high level of quality in a short period of time, a standardised in-house workflow has been developed, ensuring that brands and private labels are presented worldwide in a consistent manner with a uniform colour. Regardless of the substrate or the production site, globally operating customers profit from the concept of the Brand Center just as much as small or local brands. An individual ‘all-inclusive trouble-free package’ is put together for each company.

It is guaranteed from the beginning that the design fulfils all technical requirements. Knowledge about cutting-edge technology also makes it possible to  introduce striking features that are in touch with the latest trends.

Packaging: Your Front Line Defense Against Counterfeiting

How much money and prestige does your brand lose to counterfeiting? Do you even know?

Here’s the thing: Noone really knows. That’s the nature of counterfeiting. It’s a black market, and we can only know for certain the value of counterfeit products that are actually intercepted. What fraction of the total counterfeit market do the known examples represent? All we can do is make educated guesses. […]

Interested? Read the entire article here.

Revolutionary RGB Printing on Black Paper

In cooperation with Merck and Siegwerk, Saueressig has developed a brand-new and unique printing technique: Revolutionary RGB printing on black paper. Owner of the patent for this innovative printing technique is Merck.

Everyone is familiar with the classic CMYK color structure that is used by commercial printers: The colors cyan, magenta and yellow together result in black on a white paper background. On contrast, the color structure used in RGB printing differs fundamentally from the traditional CMYK structure. With RGB printing, the colors red, green and blue are printed on a black paper background, such as carton, paper or foil. Printing all three colors together with an intensity of 100% results in white. To give examples: This technique is used for monitors and televisions.

In direct comparison RGB printing offers convincing advantages: Thanks to the larger color spectrum design freedom and possibilities are broadened. By using Merck pearl pigments the color structure is further diversified and the visual appearance amplified thanks to lighting and pearl gloss effects. Printing with RGB ultimately makes a big difference:  Effect of new dimension become reality!

First demo tools have been presented at this year’s European Coating Show. Would you like to learn more or request a design sample? Please do not hesitate to contact us:

POP TechMedia Award goes to SAUERESSIG easyPE®

POP Award 03-2015

Hosted by G&K TechMedia and ACIMGA – the Italian manufacturers association of machinery for the graphic, converting and paper industry – the first International Package Printing Conference on the ‘Future of Package Printing’ took place during ICE Europe. A true highlight of the event was the awarding ceremony of the ‘POP Award 2015’ – a German-Italian package printing award to reward  the most innovative exhibitor during the ICE Europe show.

Winner in the category of ‘Special Solutions’ is SAUERESSIG easyPE®, awarded with the POP TechMedia Award 2015. The basic idea behind easyPE® is the easy production of printed electronics in an existing production environment. SAUERESSIG acts as a full-service provider – supporting customers from consultation, design, reproduction to printing plates and up to  the aggregate or machine reconfiguration. In addition, SAUERESSIG offers a pilot machine that allows customers to run smaller production runs and, thus, presents a cost-efficient start into the business field.

We are very pleased to have received the award and thank the hosts of this great event. Please find the official press release by G&K TechMedia here.

Bundled Expertise: ContiTech and SAUERESSIG FLEXO Collaborate in the Field of Printed Electronics

  • Easy entry for print shops and brand owners
  • Complete solutions for existing print infrastructures
  • Cost-efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly implementation in flexography

Vreden, March 2015. ContiTech Elastomer Coatings and SAUERESSIG FLEXO have agreed to collaborate in the field of printed electronics. The ContiTech business unit, which specializes in flexographic plates, among other things, has teamed up with the full-service printed electronics provider. They plan to combine their capabilities and experience to give common customers, such as printers and brand owners, easy entry into the printed electronics field.

“The term ‘printed electronics’ includes electronic applications manufactured through printing processes. Instead of common printing inks this process uses functional fluids. Today, for example, this method is already used to manufacture RFID solutions, sensors and solar cells,” explains Armin Senne, Flexo Business Manager at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. “The opportunities for fast, cost-efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly production in flexographic printing are wide-ranging in this business.”

Complete solutions from one source

Both companies now offer complete solutions that can be used in an existing print infrastructure. The spectrum of services ranges from individual consulting and cost-efficient laboratory experiments to transfer of technology into production and after-sales service. ContiTech develops special elastomer printing plates adapted to printed electronics in flexographic printing processes. Using the Laser engraving process, the finest of structures can be achieved.

One of the core competencies of SAUERESSIG, a subsidiary of Matthews International Corp., is the production of printing plates for traditional packaging. In addition, they are experts in custom mechanical engineering, including laser engraved printing plates, laser technology, anilox rollers, inks, and drying, as well as printed electronics under the brand Saueressig easyPE®.

One goal of the collaboration is to allow print shops to expand their product portfolio, in an easy and cost-efficient manner, by printing electronic components such as printed circuit boards or RFID technology. “Upon request, we will introduce any interested customer to the opportunities and economic potential of printed electronics in advance,” says Senne.

Matthews International Corporation announces the completion of the acquisition of Schawk, Inc.

PITTSBURGH, PA, July 29, 2014 — Matthews International Corporation (NASDAQ GSM: MATW) (“Matthews or the “Company”) today announced the completion of its acquisition of Schawk, Inc. (“SGK”) (NYSE: SGK). SGK is a leading global brand development, activation and brand deployment company. SGK reported sales of $443 million for 2013 and has approximately 3,600 employees in over 20 countries. More

Matthews International Commemorates 20th Anniversary on The NASDAQ Stock Market

PITTSBURGH, PA, July 17, 2014 – Commemorating its 20th anniversary of being listed as a publicly traded company, Matthews International Corporation’s  (NASDAQ GSM:  MATW) President and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph C. Bartolacci, together with members of the Company’s Board of Directors, will ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell today, July 17, 2014, at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City.  The Company’s initial public offering was on July 20, 1994.

John Dixon Matthews founded Matthews in 1850 when he emigrated from his native Sheffield, England to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he opened a small engraving shop. A skilled engraver, Matthews set a simple goal for his small company – to become the pre-eminent provider of the highest-quality identification products and services.  His first products included military stamping dies, branding irons, ornate engravings and stamps for wooden crates.

“Deeply rooted throughout our Company’s history has been our ability to evolve, grow and transform as an organization,” said Mr. Bartolacci. “From the time we went public, NASDAQ has been a trusted partner and we are proud to say our consolidated sales have grown from $159 million in 1994 to $985 million in 2013.”  Mr. Bartolacci added, “We are also proud to say that since the founding of our Company, our values and our commitment to delivering high-quality products for our clients and customers have never changed.”

For photo and video material of the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony (starting at 9:15 AM Eastern Time on July 17) please visit:

Click here for more information.

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