cLynx.cylinder – Innovation in digital cylinder inspection

Saueressig GmbH expands cLynx family

With its intelligent monitoring software cLynx.print, Saueressig GmbH achieved breakthrough success in digital print image inspection already last year. The company has now improved internal quality assurance processes even further, achieving a significant quality improvement: cLynx.cylinder allows a digital surface inspection already during cylinder production. “Based on cLynx.print, our cLynx.cylinder technology is now fully mature, ready to go to market”, says Roman Gevers, Head of Operations EMEA, Matthews Europe GmbH. “By achieving such an extremely fine analysis right on the cylinder surface, we have reached an entirely new level of quality.”

Using the monitoring software cLynx.print, Saueressig can spot tiniest of defects on gravure cylinders by means of automated image inspection. This innovative form of a digital final inspection, and the thorough quality assurance that comes with it, add significant values at the customer’s site.

Whereas the advancement cLynx.cylinder operates right in the internal production workflow: In a fully automated end-to-end process, the control system scans the entire cylinder surface with microscopic precision. Subsequently, the quality of the cylinders produced is examined in a complex calculation method, ensured and, finally, attested by a certificate. Therefore quality assurance is entirely digitised. “In cLynx.cylinder, we offer an innovative extra service to demanding customers, complementing standard cylinder production”, adds Gevers. “Plus, we can significantly enhanced our internal production workflow.”

Originally designed for security printing, the internal use has been extended to the area of consumer goods and pharmaceutical packaging, and promises further potentials. “cLynx.cylinder emphasizes our claim to delivering the best quality available on the market, meeting the highest of demands”, concludes Gevers. “It is an innovation that sets new standards globally.”

Rebranding at SAUERESSIG

Rebranding at SAUERESSIG

Surfaces division becomes SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT

SAUERESSIG, an operation of Matthews International Corporation, combines all Surfaces activities under the brand SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT with immediate effect. Therefore the surfaces departments of SAUERESSIG GmbH & Co KG, UNGRICHT GMBH + CO KG, Wetzel GmbH, DORNBUSCH ENGRAVING GMBH and Saueressig Design Studio GmbH will appear on the market under a common umbrella brand in the future. “This will enable us to consolidate and further expand our combined product and service offering in the global surfaces market”, explains Dr. Tomas Sterkenburgh, Group Managing Director of Matthews International. “Activities at the individual sites will remain unaffected by this step.”

SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT combines a variety of competencies from all areas of the surfaces division. These can be differentiated into the core areas of technology and design:
As leading international supplier along the pre-press stage as well as rotogravure and embossing cylinders, SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT offers a strong technical expertise. Within the surface sector this is based in the field of tissue and hygiene products, nonwovens, glass and metal as well as wood, flooring and plastics processing industry.

The brand also brings together a wide-ranging set of competencies in surface design. These are primarily used in field of decor as well as in the automotive-, leather- or wallpaper industry.
SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT supports its customers along the entire production phase and increases profitability by providing solutions for complex market requirements, innovative designs and continually optimized production processes. “Under a common umbrella brand, we are in a much better position to represent our performance strength and versatility on the international market”, says Sterkenburgh. With the combination of these five traditional family businesses, Matthews´ combines decades of experience from different surface sectors in a new brand and therefore relies on corporate strength, tradition and reliability.

Matthews International Corporation Signs Definitive Agreements for the Purchase of Ungricht and Dornbusch

Press Release November, 22nd 2016


VREDEN, GERMANY November 22nd, 2016 — Matthews International Corporation (NASDAQ GSM: MATW; “Matthews” and/or the “Company”) today announced that the Company, through its affiliate, has signed definitive agreements for the purchase of A. + E. Ungricht GmbH + Co KG (hereafter “Ungricht”) and Dornbusch Engraving GmbH (hereafter “Dornbusch”).
Ungricht is a leading European provider of pre-press services and gravure printing forms, located in Moenchengladbach, Germany. The products and services are sold worldwide. Dornbusch has a profound expertise in embossing rollers and corresponding services, located in Kempen, Germany. The acquisitions are designed to expand Matthews’ products and services in the global surfaces market.

Joseph C. Bartolacci, President and Chief Executive Officer of Matthews, stated, “The combination of our existing businesses with Ungricht and Dornbusch will increase our European production capacities and provide expanded product and service capabilities for our European and global customers.” Terms of the acquisition were not immediately disclosed.
The transactions, which are subject to regulatory approval in Germany, are expected to close during Matthews’ 2017 second fiscal quarter.

Touch me if you can: Product and brand stories at the POS

Over the past decades, both sales concepts and customer communication have changed fundamentally. True to the motto “Touch me if you can”, brand experiences are crucial for products to be noticed in retail stores. The point of sale is an important communication touch point as product and buyer meet directly. Experience, emotion and authenticity are just three benefits of this direct encounter.

It is precisely here where SAUERESSIG and IDL, both part of the brand performance provider SGK, step in: With creative packaging and striking product presentations the companies trigger buying impulses and create a measurable approach. In doing so, special emphasis is placed on 360-degree-communication: “With consistent brand experiences, we aim at enthralling customers in favor of a particular brand along the entire customer journey. We manage to do this by combining all our expertise under the umbrella brand SGK.”

With the companies Brandimage, IDL, Anthem, SAUERESSIG and Schawk, the SGK group is able to create emotional brand and shopping experiences that drive brand performance and facilitate buying decisions – from brand story to packaging to POS. IDL and SAUERESSIG are crucially involved in the product presentation in retail, including packaging and POS. Close cooperation ensures smooth implementation and running as well as a minimization of interfaces. That way, a holistic POS concept will not become a nerve-wracking process.

With the growing number of online channels and marketers, traditional retail stores face new challenges: Shopping experiences need to be constantly re-interpreted. Packaging that visualize a brand’s promise and get consumers excited about the product have a strong positive influence on consumers’ buying decisions. In addition, opportunities must be created that make products desirable. For example through digital signage brand communication is gaining immense expressiveness and flexibility. In future, a hybrid of digital assistance systems such as information screens and smartphone and tablet solutions and traditional communication measures will determine the POS. Thus, the point of sale becomes a point of communication and a new strategic success factor in retail.

In order for your POS to become a successful customer touch point, SAUERESSIG and IDL work hand in hand. As an agency with a very international team IDL always looks out for the latest trends and technologies to stage products and packaging – successfully and always brand compliant. Packaging from SAUERESSIG get the perfect POS finish from IDL, including multimedia gadgets, that touches your customers.

Grinding Expertise in All Dimensions

Since August SAUERESSIG offers even more grinding expertise in the machining of rollers and rotationally symmetrical parts.

The entire grinding team in Vreden successfully completed a grinding seminar at a renowned educational institution. The seminar aimed at optimizing grinding results with regard to concentricity and surface quality.

All employees were able to contribute their know-how and were informed about the latest developments. Following the theoretical part, the new skills were applied in practice.

Thanks to the exchange with each other and with the external grinding experts, new ideas were developed and processes improved. Alwin Göring, Global Manager Cylinders at Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG, is very pleased with the results. “With the know-how  that we gained we can further improve our rollers, especially when it comes to surface quality. Our team is well-prepared for new challenges.”

At SAUERESSIG, a modern Gioria grinder is used for the production of specialty rollers of all kinds. With three high precision grinding units carbides, chrome and also ceramic layers can be grinded with very high surface quality. Diameters of 900 mm and lengths of 7.000 mm can be grinded and polished – always in highest precision.

Matthews International Commemorates 20th Anniversary on The NASDAQ Stock Market

PITTSBURGH, PA, July 17, 2014 – Commemorating its 20th anniversary of being listed as a publicly traded company, Matthews International Corporation’s  (NASDAQ GSM:  MATW) President and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph C. Bartolacci, together with members of the Company’s Board of Directors, will ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell today, July 17, 2014, at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City.  The Company’s initial public offering was on July 20, 1994.

John Dixon Matthews founded Matthews in 1850 when he emigrated from his native Sheffield, England to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he opened a small engraving shop. A skilled engraver, Matthews set a simple goal for his small company – to become the pre-eminent provider of the highest-quality identification products and services.  His first products included military stamping dies, branding irons, ornate engravings and stamps for wooden crates.

“Deeply rooted throughout our Company’s history has been our ability to evolve, grow and transform as an organization,” said Mr. Bartolacci. “From the time we went public, NASDAQ has been a trusted partner and we are proud to say our consolidated sales have grown from $159 million in 1994 to $985 million in 2013.”  Mr. Bartolacci added, “We are also proud to say that since the founding of our Company, our values and our commitment to delivering high-quality products for our clients and customers have never changed.”

For photo and video material of the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony (starting at 9:15 AM Eastern Time on July 17) please visit:

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