Saueressig GmbH expands cLynx family

With its intelligent monitoring software cLynx.print, Saueressig GmbH achieved breakthrough success in digital print image inspection already last year. The company has now improved internal quality assurance processes even further, achieving a significant quality improvement: cLynx.cylinder allows a digital surface inspection already during cylinder production. “Based on cLynx.print, our cLynx.cylinder technology is now fully mature, ready to go to market”, says Roman Gevers, Head of Operations EMEA, Matthews Europe GmbH. “By achieving such an extremely fine analysis right on the cylinder surface, we have reached an entirely new level of quality.”

Using the monitoring software cLynx.print, Saueressig can spot tiniest of defects on gravure cylinders by means of automated image inspection. This innovative form of a digital final inspection, and the thorough quality assurance that comes with it, add significant values at the customer’s site.

Whereas the advancement cLynx.cylinder operates right in the internal production workflow: In a fully automated end-to-end process, the control system scans the entire cylinder surface with microscopic precision. Subsequently, the quality of the cylinders produced is examined in a complex calculation method, ensured and, finally, attested by a certificate. Therefore quality assurance is entirely digitised. “In cLynx.cylinder, we offer an innovative extra service to demanding customers, complementing standard cylinder production”, adds Gevers. “Plus, we can significantly enhanced our internal production workflow.”

Originally designed for security printing, the internal use has been extended to the area of consumer goods and pharmaceutical packaging, and promises further potentials. “cLynx.cylinder emphasizes our claim to delivering the best quality available on the market, meeting the highest of demands”, concludes Gevers. “It is an innovation that sets new standards globally.”

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