Finishing systems for all industries

Systems made by SAUERESSIG are in use in almost all industries for hot and cold forming of the most diverse roll to roll and plate-shaped materials.

– packaging films, decoration films and furniture films
– automotive, wallpaper, tissue, non-wovens, paper and plastics processing industries
– forming paper, cardboard, metal and plastic films, metal sheet and other materials.
– hot forming of plasticized materials, e.g. films and coatings
– cold forming of light imprinting and aluminium foils or materials like aluminium foils with sheet lamination or wallpapers
– volume embossing and ply bonding for multi-layer hygiene papers and non-wovens

We use the following embossing procedures and applications:

– patrix/matrix
– steel/rubber
– steel/paper
– steel/steel
– steel/flexible counter rolls
– micro-embossing
– point/smooth
– point/point