On this page we update you on all our newest innovations and developments.

Digimarc®: Imperceptible Barcode Technology

Digimarc is a code almost imperceptible to the human eye that is hidden within the image information of a packaging. With this feature, the visible barcode or QR code are no longer needed for incorporating the following functionality:

1. Simplified scanning processes at the checkout
Instead of the barcode, the Digimarc code is scanned. As the code is placed all over the packaging, the item does not need to be aligned to the scanner anymore and the checkout process is speeded up.

2. Mobile Discovery
With a cost-free app, a smartphone user can scan the code. That way, he can, for example, navigate to the website of a brand owner or retailer to receive more detailed product information. The possibilities are almost unlimited: additional languages for ingredient lists are available, recipe suggestions can easily be downloaded and information about nutritional values is accessible. The packaging is not static any longer, and the unattractive QR- and barcode can be avoided – creating additional space on the packaging.

At Saueressig, our Digimarc experts employ their expertise and experience to create the ideal packaging print result, including the hidden Digimarc code. Being among the first suppliers to adopt to this innovative concept, we are your go-to source for Digimarc advice and implementation. If you would like to put your packaging to a new level and learn more about this revolutionary technology, please contact us at innovation@saueressig.de.


Revolutionary RGB Printing on Black Paper

In cooperation with Merck and Siegwerk, Saueressig has developed a brand-new and unique printing technique: Revolutionary RGB printing on black paper. Merck has filed a patent application for this innovative printing technique.

Everyone is familiar with the classic CMYK color structure that is used by commercial printers: The colors cyan, magenta and yellow together result in black on a white paper background. On contrast, the color structure used in RGB printing differs fundamentally from the traditional CMYK structure. With RGB printing, the colors red, green and blue are printed on a black paper background, such as carton, paper or foil. Printing all three colors together with an intensity of 100% results in white. To give examples: This technique is used for monitors and televisions.

In direct comparison RGB printing offers convincing advantages: Thanks to the larger color spectrum design freedom and possibilities are broadened. By using Merck pearl pigments the color structure is further diversified and the visual appearance amplified thanks to lighting and pearl gloss effects. Printing with RGB ultimately makes a big difference:  Effect of new dimension become reality!


Helenium® and Celenium®

Optics and haptics have a major impact on how people are attracted by decorative surfaces. SAUERESSIG is producing the second generation of synthetic  roller surfaces for embossing applications. The Helenium® coating is optimised for 3D laser structuring; now matt and glossy effects as well as the finest structures can be realized. The abrasion-resistant Celenium® coating opens new possibilities in the refining of tissue products. Design changes can be made very quickly due to the fast 3D laser structuring.

Softproof: Cost and time efficient

Communicate colours: Quick and easy.
With FOGRA Certified Solution we can present colour consistent print previews directly on screen without sending hard copies back and forth. With this client-oriented solution, colour modifications can be made and approved within minutes. The technology is simple and safe to use and requires no pre-press or IT know-how.
Monitor profiles and settings are saved in the project settings and can be easily retrieved to follow-up on developments.
Softproof is fast, safe and environmentally friendly!

MockUp Proofer: Speed up the design-to-print workflow

With the aid of our newest proof technology we can provide you with proofs and mock-ups that depict all finishes like coatings and embossing. With this technology you can examine a sample at the start of the development process, which will be as close to the printed original as possible.  This hardcopy proof can be used for dummys and mock-up productions.

Nanosecond laser: Deep gravure in strong metals

With the nanosecond laser three-dimensional gravures can be made in metal surfaces. The high performance SAUERESSIG short pulse laser makes even the deepest gravures possible in metals like copper and aluminium for embossing applications. The combination of milling and etching with short pulse technology opens up new application technologies.

Pikoflat: High processing quality in three dimensions

Because of their special eroding characteristics, ultra short pulse lasers enable three dimensional micro-structuring with high processing quality. As part of the Pikoflat® project a system and process technology for large surface laser structuring of embossing equipment with high-performance ultra short pulse lasers has been developed.  The SAUERESSIG Pikoflat® gravure system achieves high processing qualities in numerous metals and is an extension of our SME® technology.

SME: For more security

This exclusive gravure technology achieves virtually any fine structuring of tools for security and 3D micro-embossing. You have freely configurable geometries, the finest line elements and micro-texts to insert security features at your disposal. These can be brought together on an embossing die structured with laser and etching technology.