2006 – VAT
The new VAT technology enables the highest resolution and is equipped with a virtually freely configurable colour transfer reservoir.

2005 – Security technology
Security features like 3D micro-structuring and RFID for example are being introduced.

2001 – Inline production plant
The set-up of the chrome-to-chrome inline production plant for the direct structuring of zinc and the fully-automatic chromium plating of zinc and copper cylinders.

2000 – Sleeve technology & functional surfaces
The introduction of sleeve technology simplifies the retrofitting of printing machines.
New functional surfaces enable 3D structures.

1997 – Film-free manufacturing
Film-free manufacturing of digiform gravure cylinders with individual grid combinations using laser technology provides outstanding image and text sharpness with high opacity with the fine arrangement of dots.

1995 – Laser technology
Saueressig and BASF introduce the direct transfer of digital information using laser technology on photo-polymer printing plates.

1990 – Embossing cylinders
The set-up of a production line for embossing cylinders with a maximum length of 6,000 mm and a maximum size of 1,800 mm.

1978 – Image processing
Saueressig introduces the first electronic image processing system.

1969 – Steel core manufacturing
With the establishment of a new manufacturing building for machine construction, Saueressig also introduces its own steel core manufacture.

1968 – World premiere
Saueressig is the first etching and engraving establishment to introduce electronic engraving with the Hell K 193 worldwide.

1963 – Galvanising
A galvanising division is established.

1962 – Expansion of methods
Extension of gravure to the areas of packaging and decor according to the half-tone and conventional method.

1953 – Founding of the company
Vredener Tiefdruckgravuren Saueressig + Co.
Photo gravures applying the half-tone process for gravure printing with own developed and constructed systems.

March 13, 1952 –Patent application
Partial exposure equipment for the production of photo gravures on rollers for printing lengths of material.