Our employees have a major influence on SAUERESSIG’s success. We rely on talent. It makes no difference who has the talent: A trainee or an experienced senior. What is important to us is that the talented individual integrates him or herself and wants to take on responsibility; performing a task with commitment; having constructive discussions with colleagues; striving for excellent solutions while keeping an eye deadlines. Do you think you could enjoy doing these things?

Many of our employees have advanced at SAUERESSIG. Many into superiors and many others to other positions when a challenge suddenly arose. One can always develop their knowledge and personal abilities with us. This often leads to exciting projects or new activities.
There are always new opportunities in the SAUERESSIG Group to meet colleagues from other countries, e.g. as a mechanic, technician or project member, Then it is good to speak up in English.

We work on a culture of trust wherein the subject of leadership and collaboration are of key importance. It is the small team as well as the big SAUERESSIG team that works successfully here.
We are delighted that you are visiting us.