SAUERESSIG’s training programmes offers interns the opportunity to do an internship during the holidays at another location abroad. We, Sophia and Dennis, seized this opportunity and are more than satisfied – here is a small glimpse.

Autum Holidays 2012

We were assigned to the company Apex Cylinders in Bristol, England and made our way there excitedly with taxi, train and airplane. After being introduced on the first day, Allan, the Managing Director, said that he would like to integrate us into a larger project where various packaging designs need to be adjusted to the new Apex design. So we created our own packaging design for a water bottle.
This was our main assignment, which included all the work steps, from the idea to the gravure cylinder/print production. After a few adjustments, test prints and dummy productions, the final design for the bottle label was ready. We were a part of all of the work steps, up to the final gravure cylinder, which was to print a shimmering pearl effect onto the label.
In addition to this big project we were also given smaller tasks, for example arranging the server and file structure, creating stickers and excel charts as well as designing our own box.
The tasks we were given were challenging, exciting and diverse. Altogether we got extensive insight into the company Apex and could comprehend the production chain from the design to the cylinder and the printing from the tasks we were given.

Leisure time
After work there was always something new to discover in the city. We were surprised what a beautiful and exciting city we had landed in. There was always something new to see: The modern shopping centre, the big university, the cute shopping promenade “Park Street” with little shops, the big roundabout inside which there is a little park beneath the city, or the Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge. The shopping also didn’t fall short. On foot and equipped with city maps we explored all of the corners of the city. Sunday turned out to be a “culture day”, with a visit to the museum, the giant Bristol Cathedral at College Green and a graffiti tour of the city where we came across several works of art by famous street-art artists.  Highlights of the two weeks were the trip to London and a dinner at the huge all-you-can-eat restaurant Za Za Bazaar.

The two weeks flew by.
Looking back one could definitely say that the two weeks abroad at Apex was an enjoyable experience. All of the work colleagues were very nice and in addition to information about our work also gave us insider tips about sights to visit in the city. The employees helped us out with city maps and directions, recommending restaurants or places worth seeing. It was also fun to speak English at work. The two weeks were definitely worth it and it was a great experience. SAUERESSIG’s exchange programme is a great and a fantastic opportunity that one should take advantage of!