Are all your documents complete?
The most important aspect of your application is the content: Vocational training, grades, experience etc. However important formalities should be observed. Please make sure that the essential documents and certificates as well as the cover letter and resume are complete and attached to your application for the position being applied for. Just like for a conventional application portfolio, your documents should be laid out in a clear, comprehensive and specific manner.

In general, for all applications the following documents should be load up:
– convincing cover letter (it gives your application a personal touch!)
– tabular resume with qualification-relevant information
– letters of reference from previous employers
– school reports and certificates

When applying for an apprenticeship or internship observe the following structure:
For apprenticeship positions, in addition to the cover letter and resume your application should also include the last three school reports as well as any existing internship certificates that you may have.

Would you like to apply for a student internship?
Then include your last school report with your cover letter and resume as well as any existing internship certificates.

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