Hygiene, technology, wallpaper and flooring

In the “Hygiene” segment are clients are supplied with embossing rollers, which are used in the production of tissues, toilet paper rolls, paper towels and napkins.  In the rotary production procedure for our tissue clients, multiple pulp layers are bound with high contact pressure, e.g. like “Tempo” tissues.   For the production of paper towels and toilet paper rolls the layers are first embossed and then glued together.

The “Technical” segment serves, among others, the automotive industry with leather structures formed by embossing rollers, which are used for cockpits, seats or armrests. In addition, anilox rollers are manufactured that must meet the highest demands, among others smooth printing behaviour, and are later used e.g. for bookbinding material or passports. Special stencils as well as cylinders that are usually galvanically manufactured, e.g. for the non-wovens industry, rounds off the range in the “Technical” team.

The “Wallpaper/Flooring” team supplies our wallpaper clients with the whole spectrum that Saueressig has to offer. From design development to separation preparation, steel core production, gravure printing (half-tone as well as electro-mechanical using gravure gravers), paint stencils and embossing rollers to the design and construction of complete embossing systems, which can also be provided by the “Hygiene” and “Technical” teams. For the flooring industry, the printing of PVC flooring with a width of up to 5 meters are produced in the “4 meter line” gravure machine completed in 2011.

The “Decor” business segment has undergone a global structure transformation in the last decade. SAUERESSIG once only operated in a radius of approx. 400 km and today clients from around the world are being supplied. In addition to our customer base, thanks to worldwide trade fair visits (incl. in Brazil, USA, Russia, China, …) numerous new clients have been acquired, which have and continue to contribute to the steady turnover increases.
On the subject of structure transformation it is interesting to note that the original “Textiles” business segment of Saueressig Co. has been integrated in the “Decor” business segment since 20xx and today contributes to less than half a percent of the total turnover of SAUERESSIG Co.

Since June of last year we now have a 3D-printer in the Reproduction department. This enables us to realise and/or print embossing structures on a substrate on the basis of a digital repro-layout.
Together with nano-second laser technology, which has been available since August of last year, for the first time we can provide our clients with a complete digital workflow to produce an embossing roller.