With us you have an overview.

The printing industry is developing extremely quickly. New technologies keep opening doors to fascinating possibilities.  We have always been a leading innovative company on the market and we decisively shape the industry thereby.

We wish to share this unique know-how with our clients. That’s why we are not satisfied with accepting orders passively; we consult you actively so that you can attain your goals to the fullest extent possible.

Enjoy the service of a flexible and competent partner at your side and choose freely from our service modules – according to your needs. We gladly integrate your cooperation partners, like agencies, printing shops or other printing plate manufacturers, into the development process. With central coordination of your printing data, colour or technical deviations within the production line or the brand are now a thing of the past.

Upon request we coordinate the entire process and display it in a comprehensive manner in our web portal. Thanks to browser-based technology the status of your projects can always be viewed and controlled. So you never lose track of things. And if you do, we are here to assist you.

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