Fundamental trademark protection.

Even the smallest colour deviations are damaging to brands because they can severely disturb consistent brand identity.  Colour deviations can quickly give consumers the impression that the production is of lower quality thereby losing faith in the brand. In addition, with a reliable brand image it is easier to differentiate between the original and plagiarised copies. That’s why Colour Management is one of the fundamental measures when it comes to trademark protection. With consistent Colour Management we ensure that the reproduction of your CI-colours are not left to chance – no matter on what material or where you are printing!

To ensure the demands of consistency, we recalibrate our systems daily, use high-precision colour measuring devices and provide reliable management of your colour profile, fingerprints, proofs and order information. We safeguard your company colours and brand identity on all printing materials and with every printing procedure. Like we said: Fundamental trademark protection!

Of course the advantages of this procedure can also be transferred to the production of décor because solid Colour Management minimises differences between batches.

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