When products fascinate consumers.

Design is becoming more and more significant when it comes to the success of a product at the point of sale.Whether it is the packaging that conveys the spirit of the brand, tissue products that assert themselves with eye-catching motifs, or decor made to beautify the home for years to come. The diversity of merchandise seems virtually limitless – and consumers have never been as spontaneous in their decisions as they are today. That’s why all products have one thing in common: Their design is crucially significant in the decision-making process and often awakens the purchase impulse.

As a result, designers are required to keep developing new ideas. Print shops are thereby frequently faced with the challenge of carrying out even the most eccentric creations for mass processing. With our pre-press solution, we fill the gap between the idea and the printing press – and make sure that brilliant ideas also turn into brilliant results. Our designers are in constant conversation with our production and research departments.

This cooperation gives you the opportunity to produce something special. New designs can be directly put to the test in project teams. This way the product designers know from the start, which ideas are feasible, which adjustments may be required and how they affect the design. At the same time, technology is developing in such a way that production and R&D are always required to face current demands. On the other hand, the knowledge of technical possibilities and innovations also has a positive influence on the design. New developments create impulses and lead to new design ideas.

This know-how benefits all clients – no matter whether they just need an effective design or the complete procedure including the printing tools.

Challenge us. We love design!

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