We guarantee the highest standards of mock-up production by investing into technology that enables not just the use of the production substrate, but also the ability to print directly onto it.

We use our knowledge and experience to advise customers on the best manufacturing methods and are highly versed in producing mock-ups and in creating a full family of products from creative base artwork. We always set out to create a mock up as true to the original creative design as possible, whilst ensuring it is presented ready for production.

Digital and Fusion Proofing
CAD Design: Cutting and Creasing
Hot Foil and Hologram
Structural Emboss
Case Study Dairy Crest

Studio 404

Studio404 is a specialized graphics studio for the packaging design industry located in Bristol, UK. It is part of Saueressig and Matthews International.

Studio 404 uses the latest technology to produce innovative and consistent artwork, reprographic separation, color management and 3D packaging mock-ups. Studio404 also provides comprehensive project management for the entire range of services.

Studio404 prides itself on its collaborative approach. The company consults with its clients throughout the process, providing detailed guidance to ensure that the end result is not just as close to the original creative concept as possible, but also superbly engineered so that it meets the required level of practical performance.

Please visit Studio 404’s website for more information: http://www.studio404.co.uk/

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