Uniqueness needs unique concepts.

Counterfeit protection is no longer a matter for luxury goods. In the meantime, almost all brand-name products, from fast moving consumer goods to interior furnishings are being copied frequently. The damages that result from this can’t always be estimated, because in addition to the actual losses caused by lower revenues, image damage also results from the inferior quality yet unrecognised copy.

With SAUERESSIG 3D and micro-printing technology visible and invisible security elements can be integrated into the print. Our security department works strictly separate from regular production and develops customised features for each security client. Invisible security elements can also be subsequently integrated into already existing reproductions without the knowledge of the reproduction department or the printer.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the R&D department our clients have state of the art technology available to them. The security features are thereby protected, particularly from imitation.
So you can be sure to always find your product on the market.

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