In cooperation with Merck and Siegwerk, Saueressig has developed a brand-new and unique printing technique: Revolutionary RGB printing on black paper. Owner of the patent for this innovative printing technique is Merck.

Everyone is familiar with the classic CMYK color structure that is used by commercial printers: The colors cyan, magenta and yellow together result in black on a white paper background. On contrast, the color structure used in RGB printing differs fundamentally from the traditional CMYK structure. With RGB printing, the colors red, green and blue are printed on a black paper background, such as carton, paper or foil. Printing all three colors together with an intensity of 100% results in white. To give examples: This technique is used for monitors and televisions.

In direct comparison RGB printing offers convincing advantages: Thanks to the larger color spectrum design freedom and possibilities are broadened. By using Merck pearl pigments the color structure is further diversified and the visual appearance amplified thanks to lighting and pearl gloss effects. Printing with RGB ultimately makes a big difference:  Effect of new dimension become reality!

First demo tools have been presented at this year’s European Coating Show. Would you like to learn more or request a design sample? Please do not hesitate to contact us: info@saueressig.de

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