Since August SAUERESSIG offers even more grinding expertise in the machining of rollers and rotationally symmetrical parts.

The entire grinding team in Vreden successfully completed a grinding seminar at a renowned educational institution. The seminar aimed at optimizing grinding results with regard to concentricity and surface quality.

All employees were able to contribute their know-how and were informed about the latest developments. Following the theoretical part, the new skills were applied in practice.

Thanks to the exchange with each other and with the external grinding experts, new ideas were developed and processes improved. Alwin Göring, Global Manager Cylinders at Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG, is very pleased with the results. “With the know-how  that we gained we can further improve our rollers, especially when it comes to surface quality. Our team is well-prepared for new challenges.”

At SAUERESSIG, a modern Gioria grinder is used for the production of specialty rollers of all kinds. With three high precision grinding units carbides, chrome and also ceramic layers can be grinded with very high surface quality. Diameters of 900 mm and lengths of 7.000 mm can be grinded and polished – always in highest precision.

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