Over the past decades, both sales concepts and customer communication have changed fundamentally. True to the motto “Touch me if you can”, brand experiences are crucial for products to be noticed in retail stores. The point of sale is an important communication touch point as product and buyer meet directly. Experience, emotion and authenticity are just three benefits of this direct encounter.

It is precisely here where SAUERESSIG and IDL, both part of the brand performance provider SGK, step in: With creative packaging and striking product presentations the companies trigger buying impulses and create a measurable approach. In doing so, special emphasis is placed on 360-degree-communication: “With consistent brand experiences, we aim at enthralling customers in favor of a particular brand along the entire customer journey. We manage to do this by combining all our expertise under the umbrella brand SGK.”

With the companies Brandimage, IDL, Anthem, SAUERESSIG and Schawk, the SGK group is able to create emotional brand and shopping experiences that drive brand performance and facilitate buying decisions – from brand story to packaging to POS. IDL and SAUERESSIG are crucially involved in the product presentation in retail, including packaging and POS. Close cooperation ensures smooth implementation and running as well as a minimization of interfaces. That way, a holistic POS concept will not become a nerve-wracking process.

With the growing number of online channels and marketers, traditional retail stores face new challenges: Shopping experiences need to be constantly re-interpreted. Packaging that visualize a brand’s promise and get consumers excited about the product have a strong positive influence on consumers’ buying decisions. In addition, opportunities must be created that make products desirable. For example through digital signage brand communication is gaining immense expressiveness and flexibility. In future, a hybrid of digital assistance systems such as information screens and smartphone and tablet solutions and traditional communication measures will determine the POS. Thus, the point of sale becomes a point of communication and a new strategic success factor in retail.

In order for your POS to become a successful customer touch point, SAUERESSIG and IDL work hand in hand. As an agency with a very international team IDL always looks out for the latest trends and technologies to stage products and packaging – successfully and always brand compliant. Packaging from SAUERESSIG get the perfect POS finish from IDL, including multimedia gadgets, that touches your customers.


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