As long as consumer goods are not able to jump off the store shelves by themselves into the shopping carts of potential purchasers, they must be able to stand out on the shelf. This is achieved with a sophisticated and attractive design as well as perfectly implemented packaging. SAUERESSIG believes this means a harmonious overall concept.


Because the taste of a product can be heaven on Earth for consumers, if it is not purchased (and not tried), it remains a product secret in the true sense, and due to the pressure in the market, it will be quickly pushed aside to make room for new creations. Many brand-owners and producers in the private label area are being faced with increasingly large challenges in their day-to-day handling of packaging. Every package development, from the moment of the idea until its implementation, involves myriad tasks and data that are connected with a great deal of work. Once a design has been created, it must then be technically implemented. Who will do the printing? Who will take care of the secondary packaging (which should not be under estimated due to the increasingly insistent demands for shelf-ready packaging (SRP))? Does producer A communicate with producer B in order to generate the same colour result? And then there is the global market: will my product colour look the same worldwide, with various suppliers and materials?

Increased returns from the individual product


With regard to all the needs of a producer, brand-owners and private label producers often rely on themselves as the central point, and they often get buried below a mountain of questions and remarks instead of being able to concentrate on what is essential: their product.

For this reason, the internationally represented company SAUERESSIG, which is a division of the Matthews International Corporation, an internationally successful full service provider in the pre-press area, has installed the Brand Center. As already understood from the name, this area focuses exclusively on the special needs of brand-owners and private label producers – from design to printing; covering all needs that arise. The main parameters are well known, from the everyday implementation of thousands of packages, clear processes and minimum interfaces lead to a relaxed and coordinated experience for customers. Lean management is also part of the process, not only increasing the speed of getting products on the shelf, but also achieving higher returns from individual products for customers due to its lean processes.

With the extensive know-how of its 1,300 employees and comprehensive portfolio, SAUERESSIG is able to offer all production steps – from the creation of the design to the fabrication of printing and embossing tools together with expert knowledge in the area of packaging finishing, all from a single source. Support can also be provided during the printing process. The concept is modular so that customers can select individual products and services, or chose to be supported through the entire chain of production. The keywords are design, artwork, reproduction, colour management and the creation of printing and embossing tools. Everything can be displayed in a clear and orderly manner on a web portal on request.

In order to always provide the same high level of quality in a short period of time, a standardised in-house workflow has been developed, ensuring that brands and private labels are presented worldwide in a consistent manner with a uniform colour. Regardless of the substrate or the production site, globally operating customers profit from the concept of the Brand Center just as much as small or local brands. An individual ‘all-inclusive trouble-free package’ is put together for each company.

It is guaranteed from the beginning that the design fulfils all technical requirements. Knowledge about cutting-edge technology also makes it possible to  introduce striking features that are in touch with the latest trends.

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