The plastics processing industry is highly significant for SAUERESSIG.
That’s why we offer our complete spectrum of services from design processing to product development.

In addition to application in e.g. the construction, hygiene, medical, laminate, aviation and aerospace industries, are designs can also be found in the interior fittings of products made by various players in the automotive sector.
We offer customised solutions in special machine construction, like e.g. our hot embossing calender, for finishing packaging, decoration, furnishings and office supply films. SAUERESSIG distinguishes itself through its high level of competence when it comes to embossing, coating, printing and calendering many materials.
Through the coupling of in-house technology, gravure and design know-how, we have already created many processes with and for clients that benefit the consumer in the long run.
Furthermore, we are constantly developing new laser systems and coatings that create new possibilities for our clients.